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Today's Hit List

Yeah, it's come down to this: I'm so unmotivated, overwhelmed and shitty-feeling that if I don't make the list, it don't get done. And I'm a woman with many, many things on my plate.

  1. Record & distribute EARs

  2. List Atlas manual upgrades

  3. Check with JA - status of FLX manual

  4. Check with SP - status of 9010T manual

  5. Map out QA additions to 9010T manual

  1. Create boilerplate for query letters

  2. Format ms for query packets

  3. Format Gorilla Bahama ms for submission

  1. Grocery shop for dinner

  2. make chili

  3. Cut wood to mount lamps

  4. Call L about monitor pick-up

  5. Order new garage door remote

  6. Make appointment to pick up license plate

Bloody hell, I'm exhausted already.