Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

That Weekly List (Hey, Where's YOURS?)

Last week: 15/22+2 Bonus = 77% = C

Doing better. Motivation beginning to creep back...slowly.

Once again, it's time for
  • do new configurator changes

  • ECO configurator changes

  • Make final ECO doc changes

  • ECO ECO doc changes

  • Finish schedule for projects by Tuesday

  • Finish FLX SR chapter

  • Record & distribute EARs

  • Home:
  • Winterize motorcycles

  • cut out 3 pr. pants for BG

  • breakfast w/pirateguillermo Wednesday

  • figure out all props. etc. on ballots

  • mail ballots

  • lunch with Deb on Wed.

  • computer up from basement

  • TV to basement

  • sewing stuff to basement

  • send firewood list to pirateguillermo

  • Writing:
  • Look up agent websites

  • make agent list

  • finish entering line edits into electronic ms

  • write 3 letters (EoE)

  • Attend South Bay meet & greet

  • buy envelopes and mailing boxes

  • Make MS copies
  • Subscribe

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