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  • do FLX pick sheet changes

  • ECO configurator changes

  • Record & distribute EARs

  • List FLX procedures lacking

  • Schedule first procedures

  • Get update for Atlas procedure from RY

  • Make plan for style guide

  • Do first section of style guide

  • Home:
  • Winterize motorcycles

  • sewing stuff to basement

  • Chimney sweep

  • Hang up mail slot

  • Hang up cubbies

  • Wednesday:
  • cut out 3 pr. pants for BG

  • breakfast w/pirateguillermo Wednesday

  • Mss to post office

  • Writing:
  • Slob around a lot

  • Bonus Lightning Round:
  • Spray mold (pure bleach)

  • Put hobby stuff on shelves

  • Chop kindling

  • Put videos away

  • Hook up basement players
  • Comments

    Oct. 25th, 2004 09:40 am (UTC)
    So, do the ears have bar codes tattooed on them? *fleeing

    I didn't want to resist that one. It's Monday, after all.