Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi


Over the weekend, pirateguillermo finished hooking up my computer upstairs. It had originally been relegated to the basement, but I realized that I have become too plugged in to suffer an electricumbilicus that long, so the office moved up to my bedroom.

This means that for the first time since we moved in August, I was able to spend some time finally downloading my Audible content. I have something like five audio books and about 20 episodes of This American Life that need downloading.

But of course, this can't be nearly as easy as it was at the old house. For one thing, being this far away from civilization means that even though we have DSL, it's slow. Really slow.

This also means that I have to frell with the settings again, just when I thought I had them figured out at the old house. I was perfectly content with the work-arounds I had figured out at the old place, like the fact that you had to have the iPod plugged into the external power source before you fired up iTunes in order for it to be recognized.

The natural intersection of these two difficulties meant on Sunday that it took over 3 hours to download a single audiobook file...only to have it tell me at the conclusion of the download that there was a fatal error in iTunes and it shut down. Being the trusting sort, I frobbed a few buttons and tried it again. With the same result.

Over seven hours of making my already-slow connection even slower and nothing to show for it.

That, combined with the fact that my iPod's battery life is down to about half an hour, makes me very cross indeed.

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