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Stepping Into the Void

I've been kinda down lately. For six weeks, I've been watching what I eat and running most days. On the days I don't go running, I ride my bike or do other things. And yet, the pounds refuse to budge. I feel that all of the effort is being wasted, and it's depressing.

Similarly, every night, I sit down at my computer and I write. I write articles, essays, short stories, etc. I am currently being published in an online magazine, but it's not paying anything. I'm waiting for the day when I receive an actual check for something I've done. In the meantime, I feel that I'm just putting all this energy into the void.

My husband tries to encourage me, but this really isn't something to which he can relate.


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Aug. 7th, 2003 10:28 am (UTC)
But you're looking GREAT!
Aug. 7th, 2003 11:44 am (UTC)
Awwww...thanks. You rock! And we'll keep our fingers crossed for the darling I just sent out into the world.
Aug. 7th, 2003 12:03 pm (UTC)
that's how it happens...
no progress, no progress, no progress and then wham-o, a landslide. it's coming. if i can get that damn novel draft done anything is possible.
Aug. 7th, 2003 01:19 pm (UTC)
Man, you are driven! That is fantastic. And yeah, it's all about being persistent. I've read story after story about writers who've worked their butts off for years, and then it hits. Keep going, you doing good (and putting many of us to shame, I might add!), and it will happen.

Just remember, with each project you complete, you become a more confident and accomplished writer. Can't ask for more than that!
Aug. 7th, 2003 04:56 pm (UTC)
I am driven. I look at my life and where I am and I think that no matter how good I am, I could be just a little better. I can think it through a little further, I can polish it up a little brighter, I can drive it a little harder.

At this point, I'm happy just to be in competition with myself. If I had to compete with YOU guys, I'd be in a world of hurt!
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