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Last week's score: 12/17 = 70% = C-
Not bad, considering that for the entire second half of the week I was hamstrung with a sick baby. And not just any sick baby. The kind that looks like an Edward Gorey etching. Now that's pathetic. My poor little Gashleycrumb Tiny.

  • Record & distribute EARs

  • List FLX procedures lacking

  • Schedule first procedures

  • Do first section of style guide

  • Schedule meeting with JH

  • Create schedule for JH's procedures

  • List Atlas maint. procedures lacking

  • Home:
  • sewing stuff to basement

  • vacuum corn starch off carpet

  • finish baby pants

  • schedule service for Marymobile

  • Panther club meeting Thursday

  • Find whereabouts of address labels

  • Writing:
  • 2k words Monday

  • 2k words Tuesday

  • 2k words Wednesday

  • 2k words Thursday

  • 2k words Friday

  • 3k words Saturday

  • 3k words Sunday

  • Bonus Lightning Round:
  • Spray mold (pure bleach)

  • Put hobby stuff on shelves

  • Chop kindling

  • Put videos away

  • Hook up basement players

  • Bring citrus trees up under porch

  • empty 1 box

  • Buy & install ceiling fan

  • unpack & hang pictures

  • Cook pumpkins