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Day 2 (6)

Today, everyone should have gotten their packets, even the ones in New York. I'm hearing a lot of different opinions as to timelines. I'm figuring six weeks for the people who solicited my stuff, twelve for the ones who didn't. I don't even know if that's reasonable.

On the Nano side, did my first 2100 words yesterday. The nice thing is that I still managed to sew up a pair of the BG's pants and a cute little hat. I have one more pair of pants to sew and one to add fur trim to (goddesses should be fabulous) and then I can drag the sewing stuff back down to the basement.

Poor Peaches is sick. pirateguillermo is staying home with her. He's a saint, and I hope my other poor baby gets better soon.

Today is election day. I'm wearing my headphones ALL DAY, as I really don't want to hear it. I just can't.