Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

All Soul's Day

Today is the last day of Dia de Muertos - All Souls' Day. Today is the day we celebrate all those who have died before us.

Today, give a thought to everyone who died in a ship on the way from the Old World to the new to open the way for your ancestors and mine to come here.

Give a thought to every nameless settler who died to establish the colonies' right to rule themselves.

Give a thought to every slave who died far from home, brought here to build the foundations of our early economy, only to be denied its fruits.

Give a thought to every immigrant who endured prejudice and hatred from those who had only been here a little longer than themselves, and still counted themselves lucky to live and die here.

Give a thought to the people who still struggle and die by the thousands to come here, where they believe that they would be able to control their own lives in a way they can't at home. They die in boats, trains, rivers, deserts, cars, planes. They die from thirst, starvation, snake bites, drowning, burning, gunshots. They die to have the chance to do what you can do today.

Honor their memory today, on All Soul's Day.

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