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I Am My Least Favorite Color

Slurped from blythe025

you are aqua

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

I'm painting over myself RIGHT NOW.


Nov. 8th, 2004 12:10 pm (UTC)
The only thing about this quiz is the saturation level. What is that supposed to mean?

Nov. 8th, 2004 12:20 pm (UTC)
I take it to mean that I'm a high-intensity person. I end up working full-tilt all the time, to the point where I end up making myself sick.

Contrast this with my husband, who works hard when it's called for, but feels no regrets about sitting down and doing nothing productive for a few hours. He comes out of it calm and recharged, able to go back and focus on what he's doing. I think his saturation would be fairly medium.

Contrast again with someone who's not all that motivated and therefore not only isn't in a hurry to get a lot of things done, but doesn't mind it. That's someone who's almost transparent.
Nov. 8th, 2004 05:21 pm (UTC)
You know me
you are silver

Your dominant hue is red... you are passionate, energetic, and unafraid of life's changes. You're all about getting out and trying something new, even if it means taking risks that other people would be afraid of. Hey, if they're afraid and you're not, more power to you, right?

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

Heh. First my hair...