Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

In the Virtual Bank Line

In the beginning of the dream, I am in a duplex in what looks like suburban Phoenix. It's not my house. I'm there waiting for someone, walking through the rooms of the house. They're comfortable and nice enough, but not what I would have chosen.

I have parked my car in the space in front of the house, and I realize that it means that I've probably blocked the parking access of the other person living in the duplex. Sure enough, she's there waiting in her car to be let in. I move my car realizing that it's the old neighbor from the house I just left. She's an older lady who was constantly coming to us to help her with everything. I felt guilty leaving her because she can't change a lightbulb by herself.

I go back into the house and my cousin Karen is there. I haven't seen Karen in years. She's almost 20 years older than me, and she lives in the duplex with her husband. She invites me to stay, but I have to leave. Something's happening and it's time to mobilize.

I leave and end up running up the steps of a large building. I go through a maze of corridors and finally into a room where there is a raised pool full of red goo with bodies lying in it. I jump into the pool, and join with my body in the goo. That goo keeps our bodies in stasis while we, our essence, goes out and inhabits other bodies. This mode of combat is preferable for us because it means that we can train our minds first and foremost and our bodies secondarily. As long as you chose a body in reasonable shape, it will respond to the mind's commands.

Each body in the stasis goo has a complicated mechanism made up of metal plates fitted together in a certain way. The mechanism is inserted through the mouth and nose, and must be removed the same way upon waking. These plates keep our bodies in stasis and functional, and serve as a kind of amplifier for our mental abilities. I stood up, out of the goo, pulling sharp metal plates from my nose and mouth and watching my fellow combatants pulling out their metal plates.

But two of them didn't get up. If the body you inhabit during a mission is killed, you can still get back to your real body, so they haven't been killed. It's worse. The body they're inhabiting has been discovered (another body is the ultimate disguise) and inhabited by an enemy combatant.

I left out my plates and got out of the goo. I may as well do this in my actual body because the enemy knows our secret and has penetrated our defenses. I'm going to need all my training, and that means my own body, which he cannot inhabit.

I go into another part of the building and find the woman who is my friend. I greet her, and can tell immediately that there is an enemy inside the body with her. The alien enemy knows how to communicate, but has no knowledge of her relationship with me, therefore does not know the elaborate verbal codes our team uses (when you're always in a different body, it's the only way to effectively communicate with members of your team).

I talk to the alien for a few seconds. Long enough to be polite and to let me form a plan, but not long enough to allow it to be suspicious.

And then the goddamned alarm went off.

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