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Eye on the Horizon Poll

Poll #383366 What Should Junglemonkee Write Next?

Which of the following projects should I concentrate on next?

A. The adult story that involves corporate gladiators, spying involving using other people's bodies and all of which depends on a large amount of conspiracy theory.
The young adult story that takes place in the enchanted house where every room is a separate world where the heroine faces challenges.

Each of these projects involves many separate stories. How should I write it?

Make a bunch of separate short stories/novellas.
Write it as one long story with a lot of chapters.

With a little extra push, I can finish the current Nano by next Friday. Should I add this to the end of my file, upping my word count and solidifying the Mighty South Bay as the Word Count Capital of the Earth?

That would be cheating, so don't do it.
That would be cheating, so absolutely do it.
Don't you have some life outside of Nano, you loser?


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Nov. 12th, 2004 01:01 pm (UTC)
You forgot the "That's not cheating AT ALL" option on the last question. Cause it's not.
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