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The Pirate picked and packed his first peck of pickled peppers. I am proud of his pursuit of pickled pepper perfection, and impressed at his persistence.

Eight pints of pickled jalapeño are cooling on the kitchen counter. Some time this week we're putting up sweet relish, and then baba ghanouj. I purchased a large amount of tahini from the middle eastern market up the street for this very event.

The zucchini is no more. After a massive, end-of-the-fireworks-display blowout of zucchini production, it continued to make a feeble attempt at further fruit, but you could tell that its heart just wasn't in it anymore. We decided that we needed that square acre of space back,and uprooted the baobab-like plant. I think that I'm done with zucchini. I've never really liked it anyway, but it's always fun growing something new. We're going to be putting in potatoes in the next few weeks, and we'll see how that goes.

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