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What Lives in the Mountains

This morning, I was driving along and I saw a coyote. Except that this coyote looked entirely different. It didn't skulk the way coyotes I've seen elsewhere do - it didn't lower its head and look away when my car approached. And its neck was longer and thicker. It had a shaggy winter coat going on, and most importantly, it had much larger ears than coyotes usually have.

My first thought upon seeing it was "What is a jackal doing here?"

It reminded me of Sunday night when I was driving home at about 8pm with the Baby Goddess in the car. We were coming up to the junction of Bear Creek Road and Summit and the fog was so thick that we were barely creeping along. Just as we passed Summit Road I looked to my left, at what would be the oncoming traffic lane, and there was a man standing there. He was dressed in black pants and a long-sleeved black shirt with shiny mother-of-pearl buttons. He was wearing a black fedora but no jacket. He was just standing there, in the middle of the road, facing my car. In the second it took to drive by him he never moved, and once we had passed him I could no longer see him through the dense fog.

In retrospect, I find it disconcerting that I never saw a vehicle. I saw his mother of pearl buttons and his fedora - but not his face. And although once I passed him my taillights should have illuminated him, they didn't.

In between those two events came this dream fragment: I am driving my car along a four-lane highway. The road is long and flat, and on my left there are houses fairly close to the road. The inhabitants of the houses are dressed for summer and coming out onto their porches as though they anticipate a parade.

There is a car in front of me and one behind me. We're all doing about the same moderate speed and no one is trying to pass anyone. I look into my rear view mirror and see a police car get into the line behind the car in back of me, and I feel glad that we don't have to worry about anything. None of us is doing anything wrong. I look back down to the road and I realize that I am no longer in a car. I'm walking.

I'm walking backward. The houses are now to my right, although I'm still moving in the same direction relative to them. I look into my rear-view mirror again (because it's still there) and I see the cars that were behind me are still behind me, but the motion in the mirror indicates that they are pulling around me - passing me. In the real world, this would mean that they are going the wrong way down the highway, but when I look up, the road is empty and even the houses have disappeared.

What could it mean?

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