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pirateguillermo and I have now done the iPod shuffle. First, he got his cute little 10Gb iPod as a prize at his old job. Then I got sick of carting my bazillions of CDs around and he got me a 30Gb one. Which I dropped on a concrete floor and turned into a pile of useless parts. And then his stopped working.

I got my 40Gb replacement first, and started up iTunes and once I had transfered my files from my desktop machine to my laptop (I'd rather update from the Lappy), I was up and running. But then pirateguillermo ordered his new one and found out that the regular iPods were on long backorder, but that he could get the "iPod+HP" which is an iPod that comes with all Windows software, right away. If he took that and reconfigured it for his Mac lappy, it would void the warranty. So we swapped. I took the iPod + HP, and suddenly everything's...broken.

About five percent of my music files are...missing. And only ten files (out of 3,788) actually showed as missing when I did the initial download of all my music onto my new iPod. So the other bunch of albums are a sort of a lame surprise. I don't know if they're even really missing. At least one of the albums is right there where it should be, in its little folder in iTunes, all neatly labeled.

So...apparently HP stands for "Fucked Up." And they even got THAT wrong.

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