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Going to Sundance

pirateguillermo and I are going to Sundance this year. His work is financing the trip, and it's not one that we would have taken ourselves.

Here's my thing. I like movies as much as the next person. However, I couldn't give a shit about film stars, directors, producers or anyone else who goes about making films. Screen writers are of only marginal interest to me, as I have never felt that film was my writing medium.

The way one gets tickets to the films at Sundance is this: you register three months ago to be given a place in the queue. The queue spots are theoretically awarded randomly, but I don't believe that for a second. So, our turn was today, but there were no tickets to anything left. However, I have heard that there are always tickets to be had at the festival, because the common practice is for those at the top of the queue to buy up all the tickets and scalp them to the rest of us.

Given this scenario: what should I do? I have no idea what it is I want to get out of this trip, aside from the fact that we will be there during pirateguillermo's birthday and we'll be there with friends. I just have no clue about social situations like this. Thus we see the downside of being on the autistic side of introverted. HELP!!

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