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I'm Being Sucked In

It's only 8:30 am, but I've got enough bitter to last me for the rest of the day, and if nothing changes, it might even carry me through the weekend.

It started right after the alarm went off. I was all set to get out of bed and start getting ready for the day, but pirateguillermo got up first and whispered "stay right there." He went to the bathroom and came back, wanting a little more snuggle time. Normally this sort of thing makes me happy, but I knew that I just didn't have time for it this morning. After a couple of minutes, I told him I had to get up, and he sounded disappointed, which always breaks my heart.

Then I brought the Baby Goddess into the bed while I got dressed. She likes being in the Mommy bed, but this morning, even though she was happy, it was a recipe for "I'm going to follow Mommy around and touch her constantly." It's like having adorable, beautiful, happy little shackles around your ankles everywhere you go.

I was 15 minutes late just getting out the door, and there was an accident three driveways over. The car in question was still there, smashed in and blinking spastically. I got in right behind two people who were evidently so traumatized by the accident that they could only go 25 mph. I highbeamed the one in front of me who promptly pulled over, but the next guy remained clueless for 12 gruelling miles, refusing to speed up past 25, braking erratically and steadfastly refusing to pull to the side to let anyone pass, despite the fact that I was highbeaming him every few minutes to alert him to the fact that there were at least 8 cars behind him.

I got in and sent out the weekly reminder to the group to update the progress sheet (which I have to do every week because if I don't, these guys won't remember to do this task that they've had to do every week since long before my arrival), Normally I send out some funny link or little joke, but today I just sent out a thing that said I was grouchy. Which necessitated no less than four visits to my cube to see if, in fact, I was grouchy.

I may end up doing an emergency Starbucks run.

Okay, I'm done bitching now. Not done being grouchy, just done talking about it.

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