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My Amazing Secret Year

Okay, I've made a decision. This year, I want to get some things done. I want to try some things. I want to accomplish some things. I want to take some risks.

And while I'm not afraid of failure per se, I'm always accutely self-conscious when I've tried to tell people about something I'm trying to do. It always makes me question my motivation. Am I doing this thing for myself, or just because I don't want to look like a big loser having claimed that I'm going to [fill in the blank] and not doing it?

So here's my plan. Every week remaining in the year (all forty-nine of them), I'm going to undertake a project. Something small, measureable, doable. But I'm not going to tell anyone about it.

At the end of the week, I'll let you know what I tried and how that worked for me. It'll be something different every week. Maybe I'll take belly dancing one week. Maybe I'll learn to make cheese. Maybe I'll ride my bicycle somewhere far. We'll see. It'll be fun.

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