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Fuzzy on the causality issue

On the way into work this morning I had to drop off pirateguillermo, then the Baby Goddess. We had just left PG at his office and were getting back on the freeway when a person in a large white SUV came blasting past us, blew through the metering light and nearly ran a car up ahead off the road.

I passed this person, who had been thwarted by traffic and stupidity, and got off a couple of exits later to take the BG to school. At this exit I need to make three turns in a couple of blocks, so lane choice counts. Left from the furthest right turn lane, left from the furthest right turn lane, and then all the way right for a right turn.

This person blew by me again and got into the furthest left turn lane, which had no one in it. I make my turns and was over into the far right lane for my right turn. And here comes this moron into my lane, with me still in it. No signal, no looking to see if anyone was there. And it's not like this person was either slightly behind or in front of me. The car was exactly parallel with me.

I beeped my horn and this person a)swerved back into its lane and beyond, forcing another car to swerve left to avoid it, b)flipped me off and c)slowed down sufficiently to get behind me and turn onto the street I turned onto. And then turned around and went back the way they came.

For pity's sake, if you're going to smoke crack, have the decency to wait until you get to work.

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