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Taking Bad Customer Service to a New Level

pirateguillermo was in charge of getting a shuttle to take us from the SLC airport to Park City.

His company had given out information packets listing Park City Cabs & Shuttles as the vendor giving a preferred rate to his group, so he called them and was confronted with the Bad Customer Service Guy. pirateguillermo tried to explain that he was with this group who was supposed to be going through this company, and BCSG snapped "Call me back when you've got the details," and would have hung up had pirateguillermo not cut him off saying that he had the details. BCSG continued to be rude and surly, telling pirateguillermo that there were no shared shuttles left and he'd have to book a private shuttle for more than twice as much, etc., to the point where pirateguillermo felt moved to hang up and call a different company.

Not one to let bad customer service go unappreciated, I got the number and called the company up. The man answered the phone and I said in my Business Voice "Hello. May I speak to a supervisor please?"

"Why?" the man said very quietly. As a parent I can tell the sound of a tail being tucked between the legs.

"May I please speak to a supervisor please?"

"Who are you?!" Now he's angry. He knows that I'm not going to talk to him and that he's probably screwed up. And because he's that kind of person, he's going to get not just angry, but irrational.

"May I speak to a supervisor please?"

"FUCK OFF, YA CUNT!" Yes. He actually screamed, making him distort in the way that phone connections do when inadequate to the task of reproducing the sound of the veins standing out in someone's neck.

I think it's best for everyone that he hung up at this point.

We'll see if he answers the email I sent them.

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