Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The Author in Utah

Before we left Thursday morning, pirateguillermo was bitten in the face by one of our cats who was spooked by my parents' dogs. We cleaned the wounds and left as scheduled, with poor pirateguillermo wandering through the airports with a large bandage covering most of the left side of his face, something like The Phantom of the Opera, except without the irritation of Andrew Lloyd Weber.

We got to the hotel and dumped our stuff, then went walking around a little. Then we came back to the hotel and hung out with one of pirateguillermo's best friends for a few hours before turning in.

Today we got up and breakfasted well, knowing that it was all we were likely to get until dinner. We went and saw the screening of Trudell. The man himself is smart and articulate and talented, but the movie buried him under so much crap that his message ended up being lost. It made me especially sad because we sat right in front of him at the screening, and I wanted to ask him what he though about it, but he had to go up in front of the crowd.

After the screening, we took pirateguillermo to the urgent care. Sure enough the bite on his face is infected. We got him some antibiotics and then walked through town. Uphill three miles in the snow. Except, we had our shoes on.

We got prezzies for the babies and under an underpass on the walk home, I found a thing. A sort of interesting thing. I had promised disastrid that I would send her something from Utah, and this particular thing is the thing. She's going to receive it and say "What the fuck is this supposed to be?" But that's okay.

We came home and made mabo tofu and szechuan stir fry and rice and ate while watching "The Legend of Bagger Vance." And yes, it's the Bhagavad Gita. And it's really, really good. Much better than I had thought it would be.

We decided to take a miss on the party tonight in favor of staying in, catching up on some writing, and lots of snuggles.

The universe has been hitting me hard lately, telling me those things I need to remember.

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