Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Sundance Roundup

It was fun, and a nice opportunity to spend some quality time alone with pirateguillermo. Highlights:

Thursday:pirateguillermo got it in the face with a mouthful of cat teeth. Showed up at the airport looking very louche indeed. Time was spent trying to make sense of the maps we were given (some of which did NOT have north at the top) and running to the grocery store to stock up on yummies.

Friday: Saw Trudell, which had a good subject but was enormously heavy-handed. Unable to slag the film entirely, however, due to the fact that John Trudell was sitting right behind us. Visited the urgent care facility when it became obvious that pirateguillermo's face was infected. Walked around town. pirateguillermo's boss got into a fight with one of the hub managers, so now we know that he's a mean drunk.

Saturday: slacked a lot, walked around town, got some swag for the babies, heard secondhand the drama of Peaches having her lip sliced open while picking up the same cat that bit pirateguillermo in the face. She gets points for bravery, but loses twice as many for stupidity. Saw "The Legend," easily the most hilarious Chinese fight movie I've ever seen.

Sunday: Got up early, packed and got on the bus for the airport. Even the bus driver is making a documentary for the next Sundance. He said it's going to be about Iraq because he was there for six weeks in 1991 and has "somewhat of a clue about what's going on." Don't quit your day job, dude.

Monday: Stayed home with what mortaine suspects was a migraine. All I know is that I woke up at about four with my head hurting so much that I was nauseous, I didn't want to be touched, and my bones hurt. I crawled back into bed and stayed there until fairly late in the day.

The word about the Neil Gaiman project was that it was disappointing. Sorry to hear it, and I know it won't keep anyone from going to see it, but there it is, then.

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