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Introversion and the Busy Weekend

grocery shop
clean garage
buy new jeans
go to congressman Honda's town hall meeting
Chinatown shopping
party at PVC & Canadian Oil's

Things tend to stack up quickly during the week when you're feeling energetic and optimistic.

make pickle relish
bike ride to reservoir
mow lawn
make baba ghanouj
pick up Peaches at airport
school shopping
dinner with the girls

Things stack up even more quickly when your week has been really full of other things and you've been procrastinating.

So, while I woke up just find on Saturday, the Pirate did not. By 10:30, three of our chores were done, and both of us were feeling snappish and nasty. "We can always go to Honda's website and see what's up. Besides, didn't we just write to him last week?" One thing stricken from the list. Came home from shopping for jeans and the Pirate added a few more things to the list. My stomach acids are threatening to eat through my shoes. "My harp teacher's partner knows a guy who custom-designed her ring. He can help us." One more thing off the list. I'm determined to go to the party.

In case anyone wants to start the betting pool: odd-on favorite "mow lawn" will likely edge out "bike ride to reservoir" in the first heat, and "school shopping" is likely to be scratched. "Pick up Peaches at the airport" is a sure thing, followed by "make pickle relish" and "make baba ghanouj." "Dinner with the girls" - well, if you bet against that one, you're gonna be a loser for sure.

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