Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Another List (I'm Not Getting This All Done in a Week)

  1. enter & distribute EARs

  2. Add CLTC proc to Atlas manual

  3. Finish stage teaching procedure

  4. Finish all pick sheets

  5. Keith's procecure

  6. Update format for SR chapter

  7. Put together preliminary manual

  8. E-84 procedure

  9. XME alignment procedure

  10. ECO last week's docs

  1. Print 25 copies of first 10 pages of Leif

  2. Look up markets for Leif (agents & pubs)

  3. Do cover letters for Leif

  4. Write cannibal story

  5. Mail packages

  6. Look at current stories and list on

  7. p/u MS from recursive

  1. Sort out office supplies

  2. Buy rubber cement

  3. Put up post cards

  4. bring up bookshelves from basement

  5. assemble second desk

  6. move pictures

  7. frame more pictures

  8. put office supplies in permanent homes

  9. find home for computer

  10. clean living room

  11. make new chore list

  12. put up new cubbies

  13. put up hooks

  14. put up magnet boards

  15. relocate plastic bag storage

  16. clean concrete pad of trash

  17. gather up all hot tub chemicals

  18. fix curtain rod holder

  19. Wash Marymobile

  20. Call or visit Soho

  1. Deb

  2. SGI

  3. Sven

  4. Elise

  5. Jeff re: reimbursement

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