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Last week's score: 6/21 = 29%

Pitiful. But I blame the list more than anything else. I didn't put on it the things that took up the greatest amount of my headspace - the Jack London conference, Lawsuit Season duties. And this week is going to be a short week for me, with my mother and sister coming in on Thursday.

  1. E-84 procedure

  2. do SR chapter for manual

  3. release manual

  4. more Atlas configurator changes

  1. Write circus story

  2. print out contest submissions

  3. Mail packages

  1. Sort out office supplies

  2. frame more pictures

  3. put office supplies in permanent homes

  4. put up magnet boards

  5. relocate plastic bag storage

  6. gather up all hot tub chemicals

  7. fix curtain rod holder

  8. dump

  9. investigate hot tub removal

  10. marshall the troops for court

  11. strawberry jam

  1. SGI

  2. make optometrist appointment

  3. Carl

Time Consumers
  1. opera Sunday

  2. pick up people at the airport