Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weekly List

Last Week's Score: 11/23 = 48%

Again, I blame inadequate listage.

  1. E-84 procedure

  2. finish manual

  3. more Atlas configurator changes

  4. bug Rick for alignment procedure

  5. EAR list & distribution

  6. Duane's tray procedure

  7. Laura email re: public humiliation

  8. Nathan email re: mask loadports

  9. Atlas M installer review scheduling (Boman)

  10. Joey's hot swap procedure

  1. Edit circus story

  2. print out contest submissions

  3. Write bio

  4. Mail packages

  1. oil change truck

  2. springify motorcycles

  3. re-figure state taxes

  4. file all taxes

  5. pick up treadmill

  6. clean carpet

  7. frame more pictures

  8. put office supplies in permanent homes

  9. relocate plastic bag storage

  10. gather up all hot tub chemicals

  11. dump

  12. investigate hot tub removal

  13. marshall the troops for court

  1. SGI

  2. Carl

  3. Elise

  4. Sandy re: tax form thing

Time Consumers
  1. court on Thursday

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