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Why I Do It

Peaches had to do a project at school about her hero. She had to write a 2-page paper and put a photo of her hero on an artboard, and then decorate it.

I was deeply flustered when she asked me for a picture of me. It is both gratifying and disconcerting to have my child think of me as a hero. I'm not faster than a speeding bullet. I can't leap tall buildings even after multiple tries. I have no physical coordination and I don't think that Orlando Bloom is particularly good-looking. I am often impatient. I'm not at all exceptional.

She told me that she chose me because I've done more for her than any movie star or politician or sports figure. She said that I'm an example to her. It made me cry.

And it made me cry even harder when she told me that three quarters of her class chose one of their parents as their heroes.

These kids today....

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