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Incompetence Annoys Me

Normally, I'm pretty forgiving of people's shortcomings. We can't all be good at everything.

I've been at this job for nearly eight months now, and I'm still being haunted by the mistakes of my predecessor. It's frustrating to be sifting through her old work that I'm supposed to be revising and finding stuff that's just crap.

I don't want to be unkind or ungenerous to someone I have never met, but it makes me wonder about many things.

There is a lack of consistency from page to page that makes me think that her train of thought was constantly derailing.

There are formatting choices that make me think that even though this is a flexible page-layout tool, she only ever used the "enter" key to create formatting.

There is so much paper sitting around my cube that I think that she was as overwhelmed by her own mess as she was with the actual work.

I think that on my first anniversary here, I'm going to gather up all the papers that were in this cube when I got here and have a bonfire that will be visible on the moon.

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