Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

What Happens When You Step Outside

We went for Indian food at Royal Taj, a place right off the freeway on Camden near our old house and still one of our favorites. The guys who work there flirt with our children and are generally gregarious and sweet, and always make us feel welcome.

On the way to the restaurant, I was passed by a plain SUV with flashing lights and sirens that got off at the same exit I did. There was another cop car at the fast food place right next door to Royal Taj, and when I went to turn around to get to the restaurant, there was a cop standing at the entrance to a side street, questioning people who were trying to turn.

I met the Pirate and we went in. I had made a couple of CDs of kirtan (Hindu ecstatic chant) music and I gave them to the waiter. He was so excited to get them. We talked about the picture of Hanuman on the cover, and he asked us about our religion. He told us with pride that there were other Buddhists who came to his restaurant too, and a lot of American Hindus. And why not? Good food isn't specific to any religion.

During all this, we all started talking about all the police cars, of which more kept arriving. Apparently, there had been a police car at the Jack in the Box right off the freeway, parked but left running. Somebody had put it in gear and let it run itself over the median and into the building across the road (a hotel). The cop car's hood was crumpled, but there had been nobody in it, and I didn't see any other cars that had been damaged.

There were CHP helicopters and a zillion cops looking for the person who had sent the car across the street. They even had K9 units sniffing the car and tracking the scent of the person.

It occured to me that if it had been a private person's car, a single cop would have come to the scene, taken a report, given the car owner a ticket for negligence and left it for the tow truck to clean up. The owners of the hotel would have sued the owner of the car (or their insurance company) to repair the damage done to the lawn and tree, and it's conceivable that the car owner's insurance would have refused to pay, since the car was left running in a public place with the doors open. I don't know about anyone else's insurance company, but as far as mine's concerned, if you're that dumb, you're on your own.

In this instance, the taxpayers of Santa Clara county are the insurance, and Santa Clara county is sparing no expense to find the vicious criminal who did this. A vicious criminal who, I bet, will turn out to be some kid playing hookey.

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