Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weekly List

Last Week = 14/21 = 66% + 5 extra credit

  1. E-84 procedure

  2. SE matching procedure

  3. Xenon folding mirror removal

  4. Add SE matching procedure reference to manual

  5. ECO all manuals

  6. last round of Mask configurator changes

  7. synch Mask configurator with CD and regular configurators

  8. manuals to Tom for markup to CD

  9. ECO Ron's procedure

  10. badger CCB about their utter fuckwittedness

  11. Tech writer assignment meeting

  12. more FLX QC changes & re-ECN

  13. put new ECO numbers on software procedures

  1. Edit circus story

  2. finish cannibal story

  3. make up packets for Leif

  4. mail packets for Leif

  5. NPR proposal

  1. put office supplies in permanent homes

  2. truck loan

  3. work out x4

  4. clean bathrooms

  5. laundry

  6. Mother's Day shopping for Mommy Q

  7. Mother's Day shopping for Mommy B

  8. Mother's Day shopping for Nanny

  9. nice card for mommies at Baby School

  10. can rest of ketchup tomatoes

  11. harp

  1. Elise

  2. SGI

  3. Carl

  1. frame more pictures

  2. Friday lunch date

  3. berry procural

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