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One of Those Days

Wow. I woke up in the best mood. Woke up at about the time I'm normally pulling into the office, snuggled up closer to the Pirate, went back to sleep for another hour.

Got up and ran a couple of errands before Peaches had to be at a noon birthday party. Walked her over to the birthday party in the beautiful sunshine, walked back with the Pirate, holding hands and laughing.

Went to the Gem Show in San Mateo to replace the emerald in my wedding ring with something less brittle. Emeralds are very hard, but because all natural emeralds have inclusions, they are brittle, and because this particular emerald is huge, it's scary to think of wearing it all the time. We found a stone that's birefringent (or doubly refractive - they mean the same thing) and so is both a deep emerald green and a brilliant amethyst purple. And occasionally deep blue. Then we rode our motorcycles home, giving the sign to all the other bikers on the road - and there seemed to be zillions. It was a gorgeous day for it.

We came home and made amazing salsa and hung out with Peaches eating chips, watching a terrible movie and grooving on the family thing.

The only down side is that the Pirate couldn't leave well enough alone. We are lucky enough to have been blessed with a new addition to the family. He's a fully grown marmalade cat, formerly belonging to the lovely and talented diadexxus. He was a frisky boy to begin with, apparently, but the Pirate decided to try giving him the tour of the house before he was really ready for it. He was still pretty attached to being in the baby's closet. It's gonna be a few days, I think, before he's really thoroughly toured the inside of the baby's closet and is ready to broaden his horizons to, say, behind the desk in my office. The upshot is that the Pirate tried picking him up, and this is a cat who does not take being picked up lightly. The Pirate came out the loser on this deal, I think.

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