Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weekly List Chicken and Beans

  1. E-84 procedure

  2. create charts for EAR list

  3. release SCR document

  1. make up packets for Leif

  2. mail packets for Leif

  1. put office supplies in permanent homes

  2. put Peaches discman in mail

  3. schedule pre-k physical

  4. call Y for prices

Party Prep
  1. weed whack

  2. buy platters

  3. make food list

  4. grocery shop

  5. move altar

  6. move tv

  7. move island

  8. sweep deck

  9. sewing stuff downstairs

  10. trim branches over deck

  11. procure cake

  12. clear pantry counters

  13. make movie list

  14. rent movies

  1. Elise

  1. frame more pictures

  2. berry procural

  3. go ta da dump

  4. SGI meeting Monday

  5. mortaine's party

  6. congresscritters' town hall

  7. p/u Baby Goddess

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