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Furry Love

So, last night I came home and the cat was out and about. He's still not happy about participating in family life and so stays in the crate while everyone's running around doing their thing, but let's face it - anyone can understand that. There are those occasions where I wish I had a crate I could crawl into and be left alone.

We left the bedroom door open so that he could come in, and come in he did. He climbed up on the bed and snuggled us for most of the night. The Pirate is in a state of major confusion. I have never, as long as he's known me, tolerated an animal in my bed (other than the occasional husband, and even that's not a guarantee). But I told him last night that this one was okay. I could hear him next to me snorting in confusion. Finally he turned around and asked me why this one. "I don't know." Well, he's not going to question it. He was happy.

Except that this kitty couldn't find his "sweet spot" on the bed, and was interested in talking about it for a very long time. He would come up to the head of the bed. "Mow-OW?" and lay down. And then get up and snuggle against my butt. "Mow-ow-ow." And then curl up on top of our feet. "Mow." And then in the Pirate's face. "Mow. Mow-ow." I think that tonight will be better. The Pirate got a tetanus shot yesterday and so couldn't sleep. His shoulder was sore and he was sorta testy and grouchy all night.

We'll see how things go tonight, but the little kitty is pretty happy so far.
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