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It raises more questions than answers.

Edited: Now with even MORE snotty questions!
  1. Why can you use the Force to jump 50 feet into the air, but you can't use it to stop yourself from falling 50 feet down?

  2. Why does the Republic have faster-than-light interstellar travel, but not prenatal care?

  3. Why can you use the Force to push a speeder off you, but not to pick up a bad guy to stop him from running away?

  4. Why are Anakin and Padme worried about "keeping their secret" while at the same time shacking up and parading her pregnancy around the Senate?

  5. How could there be a breathable atmosphere on a planet that's one giant volcano?

  6. How did Yoda get the reputation as the wisest of the Jedi, but every time he's asked about the future, he always says "Cloudy, the future is..."

  7. Why do the Jedi think that it's a good idea to hide the babies with the one Senator who helped them and on Darth Vader's home planet?

  8. On every planet that's little more than one giant paved lot or a barren rock, there are mega-fauna that would have no food source adequate to their size. What do they live on?

  9. Why, in the fight between Mace Windu and Chancellor Palpatine, does the Chancellor get all wrinkly and weird looking when playing with electricity, but that never happens any other time the Sith use the electricity thing?

  10. Is electricity evil? Is that why only Sith can use it?

  11. Why is it that when Yoda and Obi-Wan died, they disappeared from their own clothes, but when all the other Jedi masters died they just fell over in pools of their own gore? And don't say it's because they didn't see it coming. At least one of those guys turned and saw it coming. Even Count Dookie just flopped over like so much headless meat.

  12. General Grievous. Grievous, for cryin' out loud! Why not Commander Badass? Lord Killyou? Queen Imgonnatakeyourplanet? Who thinks up these stupid, stupid names, and how can anyone take them seriously? Oh, yeah, I forgot. The lead character for the last three movies has been a guy we're supposed to look on as big and strong and impressive, but who's stuck with the name "Annie-kin."

  13. Natalie Portman was Ms. Kickass during the first movie, and during part of the second. And then, her brain turned to mush. What the hell happened?

Okay, that's all the questions I have for now.
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