Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The Serengeti is a Bloody Mess Today

At the top of the gnus this morning, moral victory has been declared in this particular battle with The Ex. After his email yesterday accusing me of lying to him (even my 5-year-old understands the distinction between a "mistake" and a "lie," and is nowhere close to the logical pretzel that says "My mistake is your lie"), he ACTUALLY CALLED HIS KID. No matter that she was gone for the evening at a sleepover. There was a pleasant-sounding message on the machine that said "Hi, this is your Dad! Call me when you can." The joy this will bring the Peaches makes any amount of shit he's given me worth it.

In other gnus, I'm experiencing two separate bouts of technical frustration. I have signed up for hosting for my podcast, but decided after the account had been set up to change it from one domain name to another. I emailed support and haven't heard from them. So, I'm 0 for 2 on support issues from these guys. I would be more frustrated if it weren't for the fact that this "company" is four or five guys whose combined age might approach my own (okay, slight exaggeration) and who have been in business for all of six months. They've got a few kinks to sort out.

I'm also looking for play writing software. Strictly that. I don't need help with plot, characters, brainstorming, etc. I just need something that will do that annoying formatting shit. I hate the way that plays are formatted and would like to move to Mexico where all conversation is denoted by a dash before the sentence. -So, how are things, Pedro asked. -My entire family has been disappeared, except for my grandmother who spontaneously combusted, Miguel answered with a shrug. -Other than that, they've been good. Sure, it's a little hard to understand if you're not used to it, but wonderfully easy to type.

Lastly, for anyone who thinks that good shoes don't matter, consider this: I got some new shoes. Every day that I wear them, somebody comments on how FUCKING KICK ASS these shoes are. And more often than not - the commenters are men. Last night, it was the Pirate's boss noticing the fabulous shoes and being deeply jealous. And then, we went out to dinner and on a whim the Baby Goddess and I walked the two miles home in them. People have every reason to be envious.

So for now, take care of yourselves and I wish you wildebeest.

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