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Silly Kitty Update

I figured he would only just now be coming out of the baby's closet, and it would take another while for him to adjust to our schedule (we go to bed earlier and get up earlier than he was used to).

Well, as of Monday he was coming up into the bed demanding love. He sleeps on our bed nightly now and is a major snuggler. He's realized that the girls are sources of much amusement, and that they are an inexhaustible supply of treats and silly games. He is now up when we get up in the morning, and out in the evening while we're making dinner, etc. And he's actually ready to settle down when we are.

He was a little aggressive (esp. if the top of his head was touched) when he first came, but he's now accepted the Pirate and I as the alpha cats, which mean that we get to mark the top of his head and he accepts it. He takes discipline gracefully, coming back apologetically within minutes after he's been squirted, removed from a shelf, etc.

He's very curious and alert and happy now. He's all over the house, but his favorite safe place has gone from the crate in the living room to under our bed. He's really adopted our bedroom as his cave, and if we don't know where he is, it generally means he's under the bed napping.

I knew he'd mellow, I just didn't think it would be this soon and this completely.

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