Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

I Think I've Been Had

I'm eating a 12-grain muffin from Starbuck's. Except that I believe that this is not, in fact, a muffin meant for human consumption, but rather one of those things you put on your porch to attract songbirds, made up of millet, sunflower seeds and enough sticky sweet stuff to made it all cohesive. I can't shake the haunting feeling that I'm going to be seeing this muffin again....

In other gnus, the therapist has recommended that Peaches NOT head to her father's this summer. In a (probably misguided) effort to soften the blow, I emailed him the news along with some alternatives, like her spending a couple of weeks with his parents in Phoenix, or her staying in California but going to Tennessee at Thanksgiving (which is mine this year) or for more time at Christmas. I mentioned having to get a court order as a last resort (he brought it up first in earlier emails) and gave him until the 30th. Anyone want to start the betting pool as to his reaction?

And last, but not least, I now have (just about) everything in place for my first podcast. The Junglemonkey Manifesto has been written, the equipment (along with approximately 12.2 miles of cabling) have been procured, and I have successfully tested the individual pieces. My knowledge will now be put to the test when it comes to actually getting everything put together. But I am both smart and determined. My will can move mountains. I may not have God on my side, but He's sitting across from me, and between the two of us, I believe we can set this teeter-totter in motion!

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