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The Sorrow and the Pity

Last night at CS the Nanoedmos were having a lively motorcycle-flavored discussion. We talked about insurance, moties, gear, etc. It was very nice. On the whole I love my motie and it does very well by me. I can park it somewhere and people will look at it. Today, someone else with a motie parked next to me, as if to say "We're in the club!"

But last night on the way home, some ass-licking jackhead decided that moties were not his cup of tea. From the way he was driving, a fifth of Jack Daniels was his cup of tea, and teatime just ended. This guy would creep right up behind me, then fade back. Creep up. Fade back. Then he started tailing me and flashing his highbeams. I sped up, and this guy sped up too. Then faded back, and continued to flash me. Finally, I moved over into the next lane. I don't need this sort of aggravation. This guy came roaring up and swerved into my lane. For the rest of the ride home, he was chasing me just trying to scare me.

Now, a few years in the saddle has taught me a few things.
1. I am more maneuverable than a car.
2. I can both accelerate and brake faster than a car.
3. Never react quickly to anything. Give yourself a second or two to think and assess.
4. Always be looking for your exit.
5. Whether the motie hits the car or the car hits the motie, it's gonna be bad for the motie.

And people wonder why bikers look so grouchy and serious.

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