Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

I'm in Phoenix!

It's 116 degrees here today, and I'm LOVING IT! I put some lotion on and go outside and I can feel it sizzle on my shins.

I had my headphones on and was doing sound editing at the airport before I left, and overheard the woman sitting next to me saying "Hi! I heard you had a bath and a shave yesterday - woo-HOO! What do you- THIS IS YOUR DAUGHTER!" I cringed.

On the shuttle bus to the rental car lot, I was helped by a man whose body hair (at least the stuff on his arms and legs) was thick and curly, but not long. Imagine a person covered with beautiful dark eyelashes, all over his body. So that when he bent and unbent his arm, his elbow blinked.

And after three long weeks, I get to see the Baby Goddess again. It's been tough. I've broken down in tears more than once, although I have limited my calls to just a few. I have also purchased the requisite cactus candy, to be liberally distributed (what I haven't consumed) on my return. Mmmmmmm...cactus candy (yes, it's made out of real cactus).

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