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It's Been a Long Time

Okay, here they are, in no particular order:
  • write Sandy email saying I haven't received a bill - try not to sound like I'm complaining

  • call x-ray lab regarding bill

  • email Josh re: podcast appearance

  • email Yanpei re: podcast appearance

  • call Kevin and Estelle

  • call Deborah and coordinate

  • find out time for Bryan's party

  • vacuum

  • dishes

  • fold & put away laundry

  • edit current podcast - note to self: include elmofromok's promo

  • back up current podcast

  • burn cds for hangedwoman

  • get to post office to post same

  • Far-off distant future:
  • pull all photos off desktop onto CD

  • scan in girls' school photos

  • The Mom Project