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Feeling the Pull

I'm once again wishing for chickens. I'd like four or five, and a rooster. We're zoned for it, but it would take some doing to make them easily accessible and safe from the local carnivores.

I read an interesting article on PETA that made some good points but totally lost me as far as PETA goes. The woman who founded PETA thinks that "purebred human babies" are a vanity just like purebred dogs. I can't fathom what she means by that. She also thinks that racing Formula 1 cars is great, while eating meat is horrible. Obviously the planet as a living thing does not enter into PETA's mindset.

But it did have an entire section on what's done to chickens in order to make eggs, and it's not nice. Most chickens never see the light of day in their entire 6-week lives, living in bunkers that reek of the smell of their own wastes. Egg-producing chickens are treated even worse, starved to get them to lay more. Frankly, that's not a bad cycle to step out of. pirateguillermo and I talked about things we do to interrupt the waste stream (buying things that have less packaging, recycling and reusing everything possible including our household food scraps). I think this is much the same thing.

I like eggs, and I like chicken. I'm more than willing to take the responsibility of killing, cleaning and cooking my own food, but it would be nice to know that while it was alive, it had an actual life with sunshine and comfort and company.



Aug. 16th, 2005 10:37 pm (UTC)
Mmm.. fresh laid eggs. The guy who used to work the coffee cart in our building kept chickens and those were the best eggs I'd ever tasted. Any salads that didn't get sold that day went to the chickens (sans the dressing, naturally). He would buy greens at the local farmer's market for them.

If I buy eggs in the store I only buy free range organic eggs (yeah, those suckers run FAST). Same with chicken breasts and you can definitely tell the difference in taste. I'm afraid I'm not into the killing my own food thing, though. And we'd have to fight off the cats, anyway.
Aug. 16th, 2005 10:54 pm (UTC)
In my view, if you want to eat meat, you have to be willing to take responsibility for where it comes from. My dad's family has raised food animals since forever, and I can tell you that it does make a difference. First of all, you might still get attached to an animal, but it's with the understanding that everything dies. It's how life is. And secondly, when you are killing a thing whose life you have supported, you can be both merciful and appreciative.