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Weekly List

Last week = 12/14 + some amazing bonus stuff (I'm no longer giving myself numeric scores because it's demotivating. So there.)

  • Do remaining 22 submissions (you're 2/5 of the way done - don't give up!)

  • Clean my bathroom

  • Clean the girls' bathroom

  • Call BCE

  • Repopulate submissions on Flaming Bottom

  • Find a freakin' GUEST already>

  • For the love of God, run the vacuum!

  • Sweep the deck

  • clear table space downstairs

  • find monitor and keyboard

  • dig up laptop dock

  • find and hook up requisite cables

  • move black shelves downstairs

  • call and make cat check up appointments

  • pick up more rubber bands for Peaches

  • attend Baby Goddess' kindergarten orientation

  • fill in all of Peaches' school information packet

  • Far-off, distant future:
  • Scan in girls' pics

  • Move all photos to CDs

  • Mom project

  • Create web page of links for contests/markets
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    Aug. 22nd, 2005 09:45 pm (UTC)
    "Flaming Bottom". I remember you talking about that a couple of years back. If I remember correctly, there's a website, yeah? Where is it? Googling "Flaming Bottom" is probably not a good idea at work.
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