Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Weekly List!

Last week = 14/17 + many bonus projects and stuff

  1. Take old rails off dresser drawers and buy new ones

  2. Install new dresser rails

  3. Wall mount cabinet

  4. Move shelves downstairs

  5. Move hammock upstairs

  6. Set up laser printer

  7. Buy towels

  8. Hang curtain rods

  9. Visit dump

  10. Bring up dresser

  11. Clear weeds by chicken yard

  12. Finish submissions

  13. Visit post office

  14. Cat checkups Tuesday morning

  15. Father Keith Tuesday morning

  16. Watercourse Way Thursday morning

  17. Look at drip system requirements

  18. Set up hooks in shower

  19. Pay for bus

  20. Trim the verge

  21. Make SoG folders shared

  22. Burn DVDs of last 2 shows & hard drive cleanup

  23. Fill in all of Peaches' school information packet

  24. repopulate submissions on Flaming Bottom

  25. Reposition living room shelf

  26. Move short wide shelf into bedroom

  27. Move tall narrow shelf into living room

  28. Make room for fahrwood

  29. Order fahrwood

  30. Set up septic reinspection with contractor and county

  31. Follow up with insurance re:bathtub leak

  32. Edit Father Keith's show

  33. laundry

  34. Call C. about birthday party

  35. TinT Sunday

  36. pick up new dresser

  37. write angry letter and send

  38. stain new dresser

  39. varnish new dresser

Far-off distant future:
  • Scan in girls' pics

  • Move all photos to CDs

  • Mom project

  • Create web page of links for contests/markets
  • Subscribe

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