Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

The "7 Things" Meme

Because littlenadia asked me to, and I'm nothing if not accommodating.

7 things that scare you
  1. my children getting injured

  2. unpredictable strangers

  3. crickets (yes, I know, it makes no rational sense)

  4. having to interact with large groups of people (weddings, parties, etc.)

  5. not being able to provide for my family

  6. heights

  7. people who are irrationally enthusiastic

7 things you like the most
  1. staying in bed after I've woken up and reading

  2. snuggling my kids

  3. snuggling my husband (he's hairier than the kids, so not quite the same

  4. cookies

  5. riding my motorcycle fast on long, straight roads so it feels like I'm flying

  6. going on long, long walks

  7. finishing a piece and reading it later and still liking it

7 random facts about me
  1. I've been dyeing my hair since I was 19

  2. my second kid's middle name comes from a children's story

  3. I like liverwurst with cream cheese (but alas, I can't eat either of those things now)

  4. at any given moment, chances are 50/50 that I've got raging heartburn

  5. I think that talking to people about money is in poor taste

  6. I would wear ball gowns and opera gloves every day if I could afford to

  7. I think that men without mustaches look immature

7 things I can't do
  1. fly a plane (on my "to learn" list)

  2. dance a tango (on my "to learn" list)

  3. leap tall buildings in a single bound (don't tell my husband - he doesn't seem to realize this one)

  4. bring myself to like cats

  5. make lemon meringue pie (although my lemon meringue soup is second to none)

  6. overcome heredity (thanks, mom and dad)

  7. shoot a gun (on my "to learn" list)

7 things I can do
  1. ride a motorcycle

  2. cook any savory dish

  3. catch, clean and cook fish

  4. change a tire or a brake pad (same diff, I know)

  5. finish furniture (this one's a brand-new skill that I'm practicing constantly now)

  6. sing opera well

  7. organize like nobody's biz

7 things that attract me in the opposite sex
  1. intelligence

  2. competence

  3. spirituality

  4. morality

  5. maturity

  6. sense of fun

  7. really great legs

7 celeb crushes (whether local or foreign)
I've got a little different take on this - I don't really have "celeb crushes," what I have are celebrities I'd like to see crushed. And here they are:
  1. George W. Bush

  2. Karl Rove

  3. Rush Limbaugh

  4. Bill O'Reilly

  5. Ann Coulter

  6. John Ashcroft

  7. Anyone who's ever befriended, slept with, sat at the same dinner table with, worked with/for, glanced admiringly at or brushed by in the street any of the above

7 people I want to take this quiz
  1. Queen Elizabeth

  2. Harry Van Arsdale, Jr.

  3. Asta

  4. Blind Willy DuVais

  5. Arnold Schwartzenegger

  6. Bob Denver (whoops - he's dead)

  7. Ralph, the Wonder Llama

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