Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Unemployment Dilemma

For those of you who haven't heard - I was laid off on Thursday. Not unexpected, but still not fun. So, I got a nice version of the home game, some lovely parting gifts, and today was my first day at home.

I went out to breakfast with another friend who was laid off last Thursday. I flaked on lunch with insertparagraph, I have IMed and emailed various people.

I also opened the fridge to get some lunch and was nearly knocked down by the smell. It smells like a Mommy Cthulhu dragged a rotting corpse into my crisper drawer, whelped, and is now nursing her young in a nest of foetid intestines and rotting lettuce leaves.

So....there's this thing going on in my fridge. But there's also this need for me to address some job-search issues. Yes, my resume has been updated and I've spammed it out to a couple of other people, but I have a few other things, like getting letters of recommendation from my bosses and going and getting some business cards of a few other people.

Now, I'm about as much of a procrastinator as the next competent person, which is to say that I'd just as soon take care of it (whatever "it" is) now. That is, unless "it" is really distasteful and there is another alternative task. So...I'm seesawing between job seeking stuff and cleaning the damn fridge (although, let's face it, right this second I'm on my ass typing this time-wasting poll).

Wanna help me with this crucial decision?

Poll #567567 Unemployment Dilemma

Which thing should I do first?

Clean out the fridge and then sit down to the job search flush with the satisfaction of having one victory under your belt
Don't let a little thing like the generation of a new life form in your crisper deter your from your job search.
Now's your chance to catch up on LJ by posting the minutiae of your every waking second because we're all fascinated.
Now's the time to shoot for your one millionth Chuzzle trophy!
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