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Last week = 8/13 + having no weekend time + the major distraction of having my life sort of derail in the middle of things

  1. Hang curtain rods

  2. trim the verge

  3. write and send angry letter

  4. varnish dresser

  5. search new sites

  6. finish editing podcast

  7. finish sewing project #1

  8. finish sewing project #2

  9. finish sewing project #3

  10. clean off bedroom floor

  11. clean off shoe rack

  12. clean off bedside table

  13. finish laundry

  14. find markets for Leif

  15. package submissions for Leif

  16. do flash pieces

  17. harrass alleahna about Meat Park and Temple edits

  18. clean bathroom

  19. take options paperwork to Nano

  20. pick up leftover crap from Nano

  21. clean the refrigerator

  22. call for skirt pickup

  23. stop beating myself up

  24. make chimney sweep appointment

  25. dentist appointment Thursday morning

  26. lunch Thursday

  27. chimney cleaning Friday

  28. aquarium Fri. afternoon

  29. stain Pirate's dresser

  30. varnish Pirate's dresser

  31. take skirt to post office

  32. record intro and outro for podcast

  33. find music for podcast

  34. put up file for podcast

  35. contact M

  36. swap out Peaches dresser

  37. swap out pirateguillermo's dresser

  38. fix old dresser

  39. swap out Baby Goddess' dresser

  40. get work forms from L

  41. send P stock form

  42. Baby Goddess to Girl Sprouts

  43. library

  44. grocery shopping

  45. movie

  46. Writers With Drinks Sat.

Far-off distant future:
  • all pictures to CD

  • scan in girls' school pics

  • Mom project

  • web page for submissions
  • Comments

    ( 2 comments — Leave a comment )
    Sep. 13th, 2005 05:15 pm (UTC)
    I'm hesitant to ask this, but...you've written outlines for novel proposals, yes? Can you give me a brief rundown on how an outline should look? I've never written one.
    Sep. 13th, 2005 10:30 pm (UTC)
    Novel proposals as in novels that you haven't written yet and are trying to sell before the fact? No.

    Novel synopses, summaries and precis, yes.

    If you describe exactly what you're trying to accomplish, I can help you. If you want to email me at junglemonkee at gmail dot com, we can even have this conversation Not in Public.

    This one was tough for me too, so I'm anxious to help out!

    ( 2 comments — Leave a comment )