Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

It's My Fault

I've had a headache for several days. It happens when the weather gets weird, but just like during my wedding several years ago, the worse I felt, the worse the weather got, culminating in boiling thunder and lightening that was almost close enough to smell. The downside of living in the woods is sitting in your house wondering whether the next strike is going to send a large tree crashing into your kitchen.

There was the 20-minute torrential downpour and a power outage that lasted for 6 hours - from 2 in the afternoon, through making dinner (hot soup and sandwiches, yay camp stove!). Lucky for us, I'm all about the candles. I was on the couch with the Baby Goddess reading "Pluma Dorada" (Golden Feather) and had just pronounced "El Fin" (the end) when the lights came back on.

But the joy isn't over for me. The weather has cleared up, but the headache hasn't. And I'm so congested that I've been snoring like a buzzsaw. I have been snoring so much and so loudly that it's in all my dreams, which have been weird even for me (that gives you pause, doesn't it?). I slept until noon, took some fabulous drugs, vacuumed the house and fell down on the couch exhausted.

The drugs have worn off. This isn't good. I desperately need more tea.

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