Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

Haunted by the Living

The last two nights, I've had dreams with layer in them. They weren't good.

It was part of a much larger dream.

I was on a school campus - college, high school, it wasn't clear which. layer was there, and we were both working on some project. We're both sick, but her sickness is more advanced than mine, and more visible. The only external symptom is a series of stripes indenting the skin in bands around the flesh. Imagine what it would look like if you wrapped yourself tightly like a mummy, and then unwrapped yourself. layer's symptoms spread from her neck to her upper shoulders. Mine was all over my forearms.

I can't remember any more of it.

This one is a little more complete.

layer and I and earthdog were all getting together at a coffee shop in a place that looked like Bisbee, Arizona. The day was overcast and cold, rain threatening any minute.

We were sitting in the coffee shop, writing, when we heard a ruckus outside. We looked outside, and there was gallifreyan with some tiny handheld recording device, recording all the passersby.

We watched for a while, and when he left, we left the coffee shop. layer and earthdog were right behind me, and as we walked down the street, we all peered into shops and buildings. The street didn't have sidewalks and was made on the side of a mountain. It meant that as we walked along, we were scrambling over rocks and down little gullies. At one point, we had to walk into something that looked like a hotel. We walked through the lobby looking for the way out the back. Each door we looked into was like a huge themed room. One had a whole bunch of guys dressed as African warriors chasing some big over some grass. Another had a bullfight in it, with thousands of cheering spectators.

I walked out the back and looked at the other side of the parking lot. It ended in a cliff, and I walked to the edge to figure out how to get down. I had to keep going down, so I started picking my way over chunks of fallen asphalt from the parking lot and big rocks and roots of trees. I looked back, but layer and earthdog never came out of the hotel. I just assumed that they had gone somewhere else and kept picking my way down the cliff to where I needed to be.

No, I don't know what it means. I never do.

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