Saruwatari Ayumi (junglemonkee) wrote,
Saruwatari Ayumi

That Ol' Weekly List Magic

Last week: 18 items knocked off the list!

  1. Hang curtain rods

  2. trim the verge

  3. package submissions for Leif

  4. do flash pieces

  5. fix old dresser

  6. swap out Baby Goddess' dresser

  7. make list of local public radio stations

  8. send promo to local public radio stations

  9. call C for interview

  10. edit Meat Park

  11. Call P re: shares

  12. call CW

  13. call EM

  14. find markets for Temple

  15. Body Shop for various products

  16. appt in Oakland Tuesday

  17. frame sides of chicken house

  18. put together chick pen

  19. buy second heater

  20. feed bin

  21. put together Sven submissions

  22. finish current short

  23. buy ten pounds of baking soda

  24. buy battery for pirateguillermo's bike

  25. post office

  26. bank

  27. edit S&L interview

  28. find music for S&L interview

  29. post S&L interview

  30. motorcycle battery

  31. dry cleaning

  32. bank

  33. Spend Saturday with Carl

  34. bd prezzies

  35. put up cubbies in garage

  36. finish sweeping out/cleaning garage

  37. newspaper bottom of chick house

  38. take books back to library

Far-off distant future:
  • all pictures to CD

  • scan in girls' school pics

  • Mom project

  • web page for submissions
  • Subscribe

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