June 13th, 2003

buddha virgin

Bloated from too much Quisp, if there can be such a thing...

So, I'm at lunch with Ian and he says "Since when are all teenagers anorexic?" This tells me two things: Ian is feeling old, and Ian has a vastly different view (precisely 180 degrees different) than I have.

I had no teenagers in my view. Just stay-at-home moms who were most emphatically NOT staying at home, but instead were at the mall spending someone else's money. I hate them because I am not them and never will be. Part of it is certainly jealousy. I wish that I had the resources to be able to not work, and still be able to hang out at the mall in an orgy of mindless consumerism. The other part of it is that if I did have the resources, you can bet your left kidney that I'd be a little more creative about their use.

But Ian's right. Perhaps it was just the teenagers at the mall, or perhaps it's just the current fashions, but these kids looked like they all came from an area where they're just hanging around waiting for the UNICEF food drops.

I'm still waiting for my mustache to grow in.