July 17th, 2003

buddha virgin

Would You Rather?

When I was a kid, we would play "would you rather," a game which has now been immortalized by Justin Heimberg and David Gomberg in a book of the same name.

Now it's a little different. Things are more serious. When I lost my grandfather to a car crash ten years ago, and then my grandmother to Alzheimers four years later, I wondered, "Would I rather have a loved one die a slow, tortuous death by degrees, or be taken from me suddenly and without warning?" Often during my romantic life I have asked myself whether I would rather have a life that seems to be rife with drama or have one where nothing much happens. I get tired of coming in to work looking like I've been beaten (don't worry - my life isn't that dramatic) because I've spent the night dealing with some bit of drama. On the other hand, my life as I live it today wouldn't be possible if I were on my own. I have too much going on.

But seriously - would you rather watch a porn movie with your parents, or starring your parents. These are the real dilemmas in life.
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Is it just me?

Did you ever really really have to pee, and the urge came on you so suddenly that it made your arms and hands hurt?


Hmmm...could just be me.
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